A Mans Best Friend

Women come and go

But a dog will love

You unconditionally

Until it dies or

You die and

That’s a tough

Love for anyone

To have to

Compete against



I came home to find you
In my head
The smallness of your body
Curled under my tongue
Your naked cunt
Lying discreetly
Behind my left eye
I had visions of your body –
Soft pink nipples
And soft white thighs
But the vision was undone as you
Pushed further inside –
You were in my mouth
Where the taste of you remained
You were in my ear,
Your tongue still wet and licking –
I tried to shake you free
I ran outside into the open air
Thinking it would help
But a tall brunette was passing on the street just as
I exited the house
It was a disaster – 
The idea of you, and the sight of her,
Battled for the privilege of my thoughts –
In the streets you two fought
Like cats
Scratching and hissing
The neighbors came out to investigate
I blushed in embarrassment –
You had her by the hair and her large breasts were pulled free
From her blouse and all of that tit
Was exposed for them to see
The baby next door was so offended that it began to cry and wail
I ran back inside covering my face
You were still there
And now made brave from your victory
You began to undress me
I took a shot of whiskey hoping to drown you
I felt you stagger
But I forgot that you knew how to swim
I took another shot anyways –
I quickly regretted the liquor that I wasted on trying to get rid of you –
For every shot I drank
For myself
I drank another for you
I got drunk
I heard you moaning in my head
Drunk also
Or just haunting me
I drank and drank and at one
Point my dick grew hard
Thinking about you
I refused to touch it
I refused to give in and take
Any pleasure from you
I fell asleep, drunk, and in
The morning when I woke
I sat down and
Wrote this
Hoping to be
Done with you

– A.Ramirez


Your lips are red
But not from love
But still
I’m gracious to them
And you say you’re a virgin –
If not of body then
Of heart –
And I know this a lie
But I’ll take it, awkward and hungry,
As if I were a younger man
And your lips a promise that someone
Made to me a long time ago –
Lips willing and playful
And the virtue of them is in their pleasure
Bright with youth and naked with youth and so
You push your tongue into
My mouth and things quickly go from quiet to

– A. Ramirez

Friday Night Fight

I was coming out
Of something
Bad and I was pretty
Drunk and he was pretty drunk
But not as bad as me
And we were
The only ones
Awake in the street

And I’m not sure
How it started
But I know I hit
Him and my
Fist felt soft,
Like rubber,
And he didn’t
Respond how I

Would have liked –
He had a strong face
That could take a punch
And he was like an old dog in
The way he fought,
I hit him and hit him
And that old face
Was like a brick

So when I finally got him
To the ground,
And I felt the
Fight leave him,
There was a sense of relief
On my part –
I stopped my punching
And caught my breath

The night air was cool and
He had stopped moving
By this time
He was motionless and
Quiet besides a few odd
Moans now and
And since this is a poem –

When I looked up
I saw that
Old cardboard sun
Lost among a watershed sky
While papier-mâché birds
Rocketed me away…

What does that mean?
I don’t know
I think I’m still drunk

– A. Ramirez