I think you just get to a certain age and relationships are no longer as important. Love just seems silly having after going through it a few times.


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    • But remember when you were a kid and love seemed like something magical? It had the power to make your soul swell and the whole world took on a different shade?
      But now love is just like any other kind of drug. And I’m tired of it.

      • I think as long as we (as people) look through a child’s eyes then love remains pure. We defile it with our grownup ways, I think. We complicate it and twist it into something it’s not supposed to be. It’s human nature. We’re greedy. I think love is like rice paper. It has to be handled with the purest of intentions or it’ll be ripped to shreds. Who can love like that? We’re all just brutes when it comes down to it- beasts.

      • God that was beautiful. It’s so true. We are brutes. Especially men. Sex ruins that pure idea of love.
        Because love and sex are two different things.
        I think I’ll try love without sex for a while. I’m too much of a beast. It would be nice to feel like a human for awhile.

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