The Escape Plan

I was deep
Inside this one
With afternoons spent
Those seas of
Imagined love and
When she talks
It’s a scary thing –
She talks of
Marriage and she
Talks of babies
And she talks
And talks
And like the fly
Trapped behind the
Wind screen
I can see the light
Just beyond me
I can see
The way out
But she won’t
Quit talking –
She talks of
In frightening tones
“And maybe one
Day we’ll be a
Family,” she
And not even
Barking dogs
Of mine can
Keep her at bay
And not even
My lack of
Can discourage
And so
Inside the house
I watch
As she
Exits the car and
Heads to the door
And for a moment
I feel like
The fly
At the wind screen
Chasing after a
Just beyond

– A. Ramirez


11 thoughts on “The Escape Plan

  1. Here’s a thought – why not be honest with her? Isn’t it worse for both of you – to lead her on and give her false hope – and if you feel trapped then why are staying?
    If people were more honest about their feelings they would be less frustrated and much happier.

      • thank you. i always appreciate your likes and comments. and i enjoy your blog very much,
        haha and don’t worry. i don’t expect you to like all my poems. some of them are duds and some of them rub people the wrong way. lol. 🙂

      • Ha ha, I’m too honest for my own good sometimes…that last post probably rubbed a few people the wrong way (but who gives a shit, hey?! 😉
        I genuinely like your poems & I like that you speak your mind – respect!

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