A Human Tragedy

Young girls sit on
Patches of lawn
Cross streets
Walk along
Get caught
In the day’s light
Young hearts
Painfully naive
Asphyxiating on
The idea of

– A. Ramirez



One too many
And my stomach
Is not wanting this
Deep brown shits
And vomit
And I can taste something
Hanging around
The backside of my throat
Bitter and sterile-like
And now my arm is
Shaking, itching
So I take it
Hit it
Slam it against the wall
Lay down in bed
Careful not to let
The room get away
From me
But it’s twitching
Extending itself
Ballooning to new heights
And the floor isn’t looking
Too hot either
So I close my eyes
Thinking I’ll die
I’m going to die
This is death
This this
But the feeling
Long enough for me to grow
Brave, open my eyes, and watch as
The room attacks –
A black eagle of death
Nose diving straight towards me
So I shut my eyes and
I wait for death
I wait to die

– A. Ramirez