Hey Man

How is it that you are able to pull
Yourself from bed every morning
And not feel what I feel?

I can’t help but look in
The mirror and feel that something is wrong
That something has been forgotten
That something has
Been misplaced and looked over

And with every day
The face in the mirror is getting uglier
And while I may have never been handsome
While I may never have been much
I now feel so much less
With the possibilities
Growing smaller
As I grow older

But you’re right –
Who wants to hear that?
Who wants to hear about FEELINGS?

Not me
I’d rather hear about the weather
Is it good or bad?
Does it rain or
Does it shine?
Does it make you happy or
Does it make you sad?

I’d rather hear about the sex
The women
The dog that bites
The old car that sits patiently outside
Waiting for me to
Get around to fixing it

So tell me about the
Tell me
About the love
About the drink
Tell me about the high

And about the act of waking

And hey man, how do you do it?

– A. Ramirez


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