This Moment is Uneven in its Content

She kept calling
Phone calls at odd hours
3 in the morning
8:46 in the evening
She left messages
Where she was crying
And wanting all at the same time

She said “Love” a hundred times in a hundred different ways
Sobbing and using that word
Hurling it in my face
Trying to cut me across invisible telephone lines
Trying to trap me and guilt me
Trying to make me remember those times when we
Had lain together
Promising forever to each other

But even then I had known that forever was only
A word
A moment
Lost among a lifetime of moments

So when I held her
All those nights
Placing her on her back
Pushing and
Feeling her clutch onto me
Wanting and loving and myself knowing
That the tears and the cursing and the hating were
Only moments away

So when I promised forever
I wasn’t lying
I was only trying to extend the moment beyond itself

– A. Ramirez


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