California Punk

“I didn’t let any of it to get to me. I kept plowing forward, past the sadness and the drunkenness and heaviness of it all.”

– Alex Ramirez, California Punk



5 thoughts on “California Punk

      • Hahaha….absolutely. I’m considering “going green” again, speaking of health and stuff. (All this college and stress and stuff!) I remember lazier days, lying on my back studying cloud patterns and such, when the most important things on my to do list was “re-upping” and walking to the liquor store. Man! Life has a funny way of grabbing you by the &^%$ and not letting go, doesn’t it? I need to rewind. ;0)

      • go green. it helps. i think.
        it is strange how we stress ourselves out trying to get to a place where we are comfortable financially and so forth.
        but all we really want to do is lay on the grass and study the clouds.

      • I have to say that I’m happy that 99% of all things that I do have nothing to do with $. (Which is why I stay broke…ha.) But, I’m driven and passionate. That often accompanies stress- having a constant hunger and never being satisfied or complacent. STAY HUNGRY. :0)

        But yes, the green never hurt anything!
        Mannnnny good times and memories there.

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