The Wolf is in the Blood

Coming up with images for my cover art for my horror novella, The Wolf is in the Blood, Some of these are embarrassing.



But the main idea is to show that it’s an evolving process. I started out wanting something horrific and frightening, like the old covers for comic books like Creepy and Strange Tales.


But the artwork I came up with was to cluttered. Plus, I had always imagined the cover being a striking red with the title being in yellow lettering. To me, it’s a very vivid contrast. And with such heavy imagery the title was getting lost in the artwork. So I decided to slim it all down and go with something more simplistic.


Which eventually, after hours of hair pulling and crumpled up pieces of paper, ended up as this.

the wolf is the blood2 copy copyRESZIED

Simple, yes, But coupled with the title I felt it achieved what I had been setting out to accomplish. At some point you have to walk away and say it’s done. You could spend years playing around with the cover art and always find ways to improve upon it. Like your novel itself, sometimes you just have to say it’s done and move on.

But i was really happy with the final outcome.


If you enjoy a good horror story, go check out my new horror novella, The Wolf is in the Blood, now available on Amazon as an ebook for 2.99.

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