The Sun is Going Down

Something inside
has burst, given way
like armies in retreat
and I’m thinking

“If you’re going to fight
remember to throw your whole
weight behind your punches
give it everything you have”

never say dull words
or think dull thoughts
talk with razors dropping among roses
decapitating birds that fly too low, curious
to see what roots among the dirt

food for worms
is all that grows here

God’s failed creation
God’s one mistake

you will see,
I have become a cat
caught up in a dog fight

no one smiles at my jokes anymore
no one understands me
parents hate me
well I hate them too

my only true friend was a dog
whom I buried last night
under the apple tree
worms for you now, good buddy
worms and may the sun
find you smiling
up in that doggy heaven

no more pain

which I suppose is death’s one great reprieve
the color of life fades and drops out

and outside my bedroom window
I can see the leafs of the old tree caught up in
the wind, swaying, blowing, fluctuating
like the sails of ships
marooned at sea

suspended among currents
that we shall battle against and
call our enemy, that we shall
put a name to
and call “time”
while we pull
the bed sheets
over our heads late at night
because sleep remains elusive

but it is better than
running out into the middle
of the street, firing
gunshots into the dark
and waiting for them
to return fire

which seems like madness

and it is

but the sun
is going down

and like a bad joke
I’m busting out

– A. Ramirez


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