The Wolf is in the Blood

My new horror novella, The Wolf is in the Blood, is now available on Amazon as an ebook for $2.99.


“It had been a particularly hard winter for the Anderson family; the debts had been piling up and the cattle had barely survived the frost. But spring was only a few weeks away and with it the days would begin to warm and the cattle could be taken and sold. Bad fortunes could be turned around and losses recouped.

But in the tail end of winter something even more sinister has come to visit them, picking the cattle off one-by-one and leaving their mutilated bodies along the foothills.

Beware the moon others had warned.

But for the Anderson family that warning would come too late – the moon was already set high in the night air and it was pushing down and it was in his bones and it was in his head.

And, as they would learn soon enough, the wolf was in the blood.”


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