Violence Leads Nowhere, Solves Nothing

I have learned
to destroy
myself quietly

so go to bed, sleep

while I step
outside and
kill something

– A. Ramirez


Confessions of the Damned

shit man I do horrible things
I’m doing horrible things right now
being good is something foreign to me
it’s like seeing a dog walking on two legs
or like a fish flopping around out of water
it doesn’t make sense
it doesn’t look right
have you ever see an animal die?
have you ever watched as the light
leaves its eyes and it goes dead?
it doesn’t feel right
none of it does

– A. Ramirez

Passing Through The Garden

The morning glories have overtaken the roses
and the dirt needs turning
but the marigolds stand apart
on the edge of the yard, jealous; to envy
the color of the sun –
yellow in midday and
a summer’s orange come 5 o’clock
seems a human folly
but here comes the cat
it has killed a bird
the murdered carcass held between its teeth
a sparrow
closer to heaven now than it ever was alive

– A. Ramirez

Young Girls Fall In Love With Those Good Gentle Boys

Young women
fall in love –
if you must fall in love –
with those good gentle boys
boys who have never been in a fight
boys who don’t know what it feels like to hit another man so
hard that you break the bones in his face
young women
don’t fall in love with those troubled boys
with those boys who have gone mad are mad and half insane
with those boys who scowl and refuse to smile
with those boys with darkened minds and a proclivity for long bouts of silence
fall in love –
if you must fall in love –
with those boys with bright eyes
and healthy smiles
with those boys with kind hearts and who
speak well and are spoken well of
ignore the others
those troubled boys who will grow up to be troubled men
they’re inhuman
cruel and ill tempered
they drink too much and fight too much and they love like they fight, violently,
with blood and fire and their love is a doomed kind of love
young women
you will only break yourself on those troubled boys
tears, like a two week storm, will fill your bed
they will infect you with their madness
they will turn you inside out
while a safe soft kind of love blooms in those good hearted kind natured well spoken well mannered boys
young women, if you should see a soul on fire let it burn let it flame like a sun like a dying star
and run the other way as far and as fast as you possibly can
young women take your love and spread it where it will be nourished and reciprocated
love –
if you must love –
those good gentle boys

– A. Ramirez