3 AM

Should I call? When
there are never words

you stutter, I stall
searching for conversation

3 in the morning
standing outside
thinking of what to say
and the sudden panic

I feel now realizing that
everything around me

is alive

crickets in the garden
a dog barking down the street
another dog answering the challenge
electricity buzzing overhead
running on live wires
a hundred houses
with a hundred bodies
fallen to sleep

a cat sits on the fence
and looks at me
eyes made angry in the dark

cars passing
on faraway streets
the night stretching out
stars, planets, galaxies and clusters
of nothing stretching out
towards more clusters of nothing

and I have a million
things to tell you now
at 3 in the morning
while you sleep
and I freeze
outside in the cold
thinking of you

– A. Ramirez


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