An Animal Attempts Suicide

It was a seal

it had washed ashore
during high tide
and it was just kind of lying there
resting on the sand
its belly up in the air
taking short
shallow breaths
dying breaths
with the flies and sand fleas
already attacking its body
no one seemed to notice it
as it laid there
and if they did
they simply choose to ignore it
it was a sick perversion
that led met to the dunes
where I sat and watched it

and sitting there, looking at it, dying,
grasping to life by a thread,
I was reminded
of the reasons why men kill themselves

not enough love perhaps
or too much pain

men become sad over time
their courage fails them
as well as their appetites

and so they become useless

bodies occupying spaces

bodies sunbathing and tossing Frisbees
bodies frolicking in the water
someone laughs, a dumb
ape-like sound
and the seal
looks to me
waiting for death

those sad dying eyes
punching through me

here is death, I think
and there is life

and I catch the sun
in my eyes for a moment
and have to look away

– A. Ramirez


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