You don’t love me anymore
So what!

the flowers will love me

already they are in bloom and smiling upon me

all I need now is to find a field or
an open pasture to rest my head in
and think of nothing

you will see – the sun is enough for me!
your love pales in comparison to its love

and at night I will be counting stars
hanging my fate on the constellations

already I am laughing
to think of all
the words we shared

and of how I embraced you, blindly,
stupidly, and of how when you bit and drew
blood I thought it romantic

I guess that makes me a fool

but look! a
shooting star –

if I were a younger man
I would be chasing after it

just as I chased after you

but no one chases after anyone
anymore, and if I’m crying

it’s only because the
nature of the universe
makes me sad

Newton and Lorentz,
and maybe even
Minkovski, would
have understood my sorrow

but don’t ask me to explain myself
I refuse to offer any more words in my defense

I am simply going to shut my eyes
and wait for the sunspots to fade

and then, maybe,
if I’m lucky
I will be able to
enjoy the light once more

– A. Ramirez


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