Who Gives a Fuck About Rainbows Anyway?

The heat swells in September
it collects in pools of sweat and along the back alleyways
where indecent young men practice thievery

and the buggery of clean assholes has become a highly developed art

now out of an open window the hymns
of a dying fish can be heard calling out to God
and calling out to the blessed Virgin Mary
and calling out to our Lord and Savior

it sounds like a Mexican opera lacking in morality

but despite a lack of pious intentions the marketplace
remains a healthy place to stroll in the evening hours
succulent oranges and underdeveloped tomatoes line the aisles
enticing starving bellies
and upfront the unruly cashier is bellowing about communism

while the poet shoplifts words
and regurgitates rainbows

– A. Ramirez


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