Where are all the indie writers?

I need to find a good community for writers.
Facebook is a failure; as a writer I would probably have better luck on Myspace. And Twitter is basically just people advertising their books, post after post. There’s an absence of interaction on there. And Instagram…well Instagram puzzles me. The marketing potential for Instagram seems more suited for selling yourself as a product. Which isn’t a bad marketing tool.
But I’m looking for a real community of writers. People sharing ideas and interacting, supporting one another.
Indie writers, where are you???
If anyone belongs to a good forum for writers don’t be shy. Share and I promise to be grateful and return the favor if i can.


2 thoughts on “Where are all the indie writers?

  1. It’s not easy. Sometimes real life is better, meet some authors at a workshop in your area. Sometimes that doesn’t last long either.

    It can be like herding cats, this sort of profession tends to produce loners. The ones who are really into the networking tend to write the least, the intense prolific ones have to be sort of loners.

    But it would be nice to make some community. I feel ya.

    • I’ve been attempting to master the marketing side of this for slightly over a year now. And what I’ve learned is that it takes a monumental amount of effort to experience any form of success. You literally have to win people over individually. You have to interact and become a presence on the internet. The number of indie writers out there is astronomical. It’s easy to get lost in the masses.

      So after a year I’m re-evaluating my marketing approach. Now I’ll be experimenting with various writing forums. Seeing which ones are worth participating in. I’ll keep you updated if I find any that prove worthwhile.

      Because I truly believe that with enough effort a person can succeed. And my success doesn’t have to come at the detriment of yours or others.

      Let’s help each other out. And maybe that is all it takes to start a community.

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