On The Way Down

I’m smuggling
thoughts of you
across state lines
holding on to
crashing stars and
insane women
stabbing souls
with a killer look
I’m on the edge
looking over
thinking how pretty
it all seems
from a distance
and now I’m
because I kind of like
the feeling I get
when I’m
with you

– A. Ramirez


If We’re Going To Burn Then Let’s Burn Together

The night falls apart
on the weekends
and so do I

and here’s
a short prayer
hoping that
you’ll stick
around to help
keep it all together

and here’s
a thousand
smiles and
a hundred
more kisses

stolen like
killing time
in a strange

and this
here is
a hymn
a falling star
a time bomb
of bad karma
and broken laws

– A. Ramirez

Insane But Getting Better

I think of you
and the thoughts
alone are enough
to get me
into trouble

you’re the one
I look for
on my phone

and I know
I’m supposed
to be better
but alone
at midnight
I have no
desire to
get well

it’s only
the echo
of you
sounding in
my head

of your body
I think of

lips like
a robbery
sugar water
choking me
and words
so paper thin
I wish I had more
to give you
because you’re
driving me

– A. Ramirez