That Bastard Love

How am I to explain myself?

I was malnourished as a child
not enough love
and when love came
it came too late

it came like a fisherman’s hook
to rip open my mouth

it came like a torpedo
and blew out my gut

I sank to the bottom of the sea
staggered like a drunken urchin

I wrestled with the idea
and grew hungry on the idea

I cursed its absence
for all those years
when it was lacking
and then
when it came
in such abundance
I beat back
its misunderstood touch

and now l know that love
can make a man great

like subsistence
nurturing and
raising a child up

or if it comes too late
it can be pure torture

it can drive the heart insane
and drown the body at sea

it can ruin a man forever

– A. Ramirez
That Bastard Love, from my book of poetry Man is the Bastard
Which you can purchase on Amazon.


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