I Don’t Know How to Give You Up

A broken heart would have been easier
but now I carry you around wherever I go
I write you love letters that I never send
I call your name out in my sleep
I get caught off guard by the memory of you –
it attacks me in broad daylight
then escapes when I attempt to right myself

the other day I saw a dead cat in the street
and I thought,
“you had it easy, old pal”

for me the horror show goes on

the lights flash
and the thunder roars
and the sound and the fury
push through
and I find myself
searching for our love in the details of an old painting
or in the rhythm of an old poem

I find myself searching for our love
in flowers that never bloom
or in a picture of you and me
standing on a beach
on a happy
summer day

– Alex Ramirez

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