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I’ve Got Straight Edge by A. Ramirez

“I’m a person just like you but I’ve better things to do then sit around and fuck my head, hangout with the living dead” – Minor Threat


It’s Always Summer If You Look Hard Enough

Always you,
and your body,
in a state of undress

always your tits, though
they remain
hidden, are
as I have measured
them, soothing and

I will imagine your legs
as columns of silk,
delicate though
they fill my head
and so are made
immense, but

only behind closed
or naked
under bed sheets

always you, with a penchant
for summer
and an ass for summer

and a cunt for summer?

but I will have you now
forfeiting summer, trusting
your body for warmth

and trusting your cunt not
to make a fool of me

though my words
may have already
accomplished as much

– A. Ramirez

“Its Always Summer If You Look Hard Enough” taken from my new book of poetry “Poems of Love and Perversion”.


Your lips are red
but not from love

but still they
are gracious to me

and you say you’re a virgin –
if not of body then of heart

and I too am a virgin –
awkward and unpracticed
in what you are asking of me

but your lips are willing
and playful –
the virtue
of them is in their pleasure;

bright with youth and naked with youth and so
with youthful enthusiasm
you push your tongue into
my mouth and things
quickly go from the quiet
to the obscene

– A. Ramirez

“Obscene” taken from my new book of poetry “Poems of Love and Perversion”.

In Love

I was asleep;
there were stars
and the space
which lay between them,
dark and cold;
and to say
that you woke me
while I slept
bothering me out
of old habits
and dreams
is not to say much;
only that I learned to love you,
and that the nights became
less dead and I took on a new life;
and a new face with new expressions
to correspond with our love

– A. Ramirez

“In Love” taken from my new book of poetry “Poems of Love and Perversion”.