In the spirit of having you
I have made a fish of myself

see how I have taken to the ocean waters
and learned the motion
of the tides
and overhead the sky offers up
the stars and the planets – whole galaxies
which I once hallucinated
as the constitutes
of your body; generous comparisons
of your breasts I once made
to celestial moons
and to the lunar sands
from which
the tides
and billow under

and the seasons
were constructed according
to your sex;
to the diadem
of your half naked body;
fits of spring conspired
inside of me and the cruel
touch of winter knew me well

but how I shied away from you
in those autumn months –
for they always had the arid touch
of melancholy to them

and so much
I felt
on your beauty
and how well
it was communicated
and how well I received it

for I found myself forfeiting
the “good” morals of today
for more provincial passions;
the carapace of “being virtuous”
having fallen away
and having been given up

for the thought of you consumed me
just as the ocean waters consume me

for I swim in them
just as I once swam in you

and just like you
I experience
their salt
in tears
and in sweat
and in the spit from your mouth
as your lips part and the alacrity
of your taste settles on my tongue

– A. Ramirez

“Oceans” taken from my new book of poetry “Poems of Love and Perversion”.

You can get it on Amazon.com.  Or by clicking here.



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