Gut Punched

Only looking back
can is I see where
she got to me –
right through
the skin to carve up
the soul
with words as sharp as teeth
and hands tangled up in the veins
and turn turn
she said
to this bed for scraping
to an ocean of blood
which was once my love
now retired
and gone from me
turn turn
she asked of me
for time is not in our favor
and your words are less than innocent
when you speak and attack
with such love

– A. Ramirez


I Hope You Choke On It

Sentimental sentences
chopped up
into pieces
the lesser emotions
of the heart;
here is the ego
swelled with pain
here is the heart
nurtured in love
here is the self
thinking of itself
and only of itself
here are words
of fools
as poets

– A. Ramirez


Someone asked me recently what I thought of modern poets and i just kind of shrugged my shoulders. But this sort of sums up my feelings.

And on a side note I think I’m done with poetry. It was fun but there’s not an audience for it. Most people just want to hear about love and being sad and I think there’s power in our words and our words can do so much more than just rhapsodize about falling in love and falling out of love.