misanthrope 9 at 35 percent.jpg

Misanthrope by A. Ramirez




The moon is an odd shape;
large and bullish, indiscreet
in its movements;
and you are shy
I imagine,
or is it just me
that provokes
these bouts of nerves
and gives you pause to speak
whereas I would offer up words
and presume the position of the stars
to actually mean something

– A. Ramirez

Poems of Love and Perversion


Look at me!
I’m a little crab
with a hard shell
and a moody center;
now watch as my little
crab-like feet
carrying me down the beach;
I’m running away;
I’m escaping
I’m getting away
from all my fears
and responsibilities

look at me!
I’m an emotional little crab
washed up on shore
playing in the sand
so happy in my crab-like soul

now watch as I run away from
the world and away from you
and away from all the pain
of being human

– A. Ramirez

The astrology of my soul hates everyone.


I think you might have a boyfriend now
you seem happier and less heavy
gone are the pale words
and the pale genius that was us;
I think he must come to you at night
to take up your time –
which leaves me with what?
out here in the cold to contemplate
those activities that must arouse
your love now without me

– A. Ramirez

I don’t know what to do now without you; which way to go or who to be. You are somewhere else. And I am still right here.