Dear spider in the house
please find your way outside
and if you could avoid
that thing you do with your teeth
or crawling over my sleeping face
that also would be appreciated;

things are getting better you see
so please don’t make a killer out of me
I’ve murdered enough good things in my life

I’m looking forward to returning to goodness
and your six legs and spidery webs
keep catching me up and
bringing the worst out of me

– A. Ramirez

I love writing poems that have nothing to do with love or heartbreak. Poems that deal with everyday things. Take the mundane and make them poetic.


Another Love Song

love song
comes on the radio
and I walk across
the room
to shut it off
so now
it’s just me and
the moon which
looks like
an unhappy
glass of water
hanging out
over the mountain tops
and in the dark
I draw a sentence
of colorful lines
while trying to avoid
the machine gun blasts
of a half insane woman
who rattles my guts
with mortar shells of love
and drives me under
the bed
seeking refuge
in the written

– A. Ramirez

I think I have enough material for another book of poetry. This one will be a paperback as well as an eBook. I’m looking forward to putting it together and editing.