how to be a good poet

I recommend at least three beers before noon
to keep you brave
and masturbate habitually
so as to keep the sex drive from becoming a distraction
you don’t want to spread your energies too thin
read Plato’s Republic
and Spinoza’s Ethics
gorge yourself on a diet of music
cultivate something resembling a soul
go to the beach
or to the mountains
go some place
any place
where man has yet to desecrate
and observe how the animals get through life
unconcerned by concepts such as equality, justice,
fairness, guilt, shame
then go spend some time
in a thick pack of people
smell them
study them
take them in
watch how wonderful they are
and how sad they are
how lonely
and lost
like apes not quite fully formed

forget about writing
focus on other things
kill your gods
reject your politicians
deny your masters
refuse all laws

when the words come
they will have power
and they will
be more than words

– A. Ramirez

How to be a Good Poet from my book of poetry “MAN IS THE BASTARD”.
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how to measure a man

If not by time
then by the
of his words
and by the vagueness
of which they
resemble a flower
or see how he
takes a hammer
and drives the nail
creating that
which was lacking
prior to his efforts

– A. Ramirez

How to Measure a Man, taken from my book of poetry “Man is the Bastard which you can purchase on Amazon.

A Poem For Mary Jane

Mary Jane
I have
plucked a flower
from the
neighbor’s garden
so that you may have it
would you wear it in your hair
for others to see?
Mary Jane
do you understand?
for you I have
made myself a thief
for you I have
and made myself bloody
for you I have
these words
in hopes
that you might
forgive crimes
far worse than a

– A. Ramirez

From “Man is the Bastard”

Which you can purchase on Amazon.


I promise, my good man
you will learn to love the cold
and the early mornings
with the sun on your back
sweating in the dirt
blood on your hands
you will learn to love
the loud voices rising to shouts
and the heavy machinery
and the continuous banging and cutting
the tearing down and the going up
the long hours spent in traffic
the short intervals of sleep
never being fully rested
with food wrapped in tinfoil to keep its warmth
then packed in ice to keep it from spoiling
the sore muscles and the stiff muscles
and the joints that don’t quiet bend like they used to

the heart will swell with pride, I promise you
and the soul will find its own happy delirium

– A. Ramirez
Proletarian, from “Man is the Bastard”,
Which you can purchase on Amazon.

21 cigarettes

God tosses a marigold
into the air
or maybe it’s a hand grenade
to bring in the new day

and I roll over
onto my side
to keep the sun
out of my eyes

and I know –
the money’s all gone
and I’ve smoked
twenty cigarettes

I feel like an engine
stuck in
high combustion
lungs on fire
throat ruined

been up for
thirty eight hours
haven’t showered
in three days
hair feels heavy
skin overgrown

thoughts of you now
but only in selected remembrance
filtered through a hungry stomach

I look at pictures and grow sad

cut them
cut this
cut that

and I
can’t sleep
thinking of you

at 60
going on 100

and my twenty-first cigarette

– A. Ramirez

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the noble savage

suddenly I am out under the stars
“where have the street lights gone to?” I’m thinking
and the ladies
with their eyes
and their gift
for fellatio?

suddenly the concrete driveways
have turned into
meadows of grass and weeds
and I wonder if there might
be a lion out here
or a bear –
or some kind of beast that I must
fight off and keep from gnawing at my soul

in the dark I have become weary of such things

just as I’ve come to learn
that a man unwilling
to be trained in love
is a savage man

and will often find himself
having to escape
the hostilities
of civilized women

– A. Ramirez

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