In Season And Out

In spring I shall
find you in bloom
and in the autumn
months I will wait for you

be a lily, I say!

be a rose
or the crown of a sunflower
be the head of a marigold
be fair and sweet, I say
and I shall love you

come to me
golden breasts
swelling like the tides

be a teasing beauty to exhaust me
be a body dressed in coral to remind me
of the hostile waters in which
I first came upon you in

come to me as a rose, I say
come to me,
in season and out,
the kissable body of summer
and the sleeping hearth of winter

come to me, I say
as a sunflower –
as a rose! –
and I shall love you forever

– A. Ramirez

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The moon is an odd shape;
large and bullish, indiscreet
in its movements;
and you are shy
I imagine,
or is it just me
that provokes
these bouts of nerves
and gives you pause to speak
whereas I would offer up words
and presume the position of the stars
to actually mean something

– A. Ramirez

Poems of Love and Perversion


Women, women
like tigers
like crows
like rain water in the street gutters

the dull temptations
of your ridiculous hearts
has made me clumsy
with love and affection

women, women
you are the blue veins
of white flesh
practicing words
which burn like gasoline
in my head

women, women
with your eyes
of impossible tenderness
you have brought me here to my knees
and with teeth you devour me

women, women,
for you I bleed
and find good humor
in these sufferings

– A. Ramirez

Poems of Love and Perversion.


Los Guitarristas

In the hot summer air I dream of you;
at night my mind wanders to your southern latitudes;
for I have seen you favor the stars over men
and how the moon made you swoon;
but when the black birds rose over the ocean waters
and sang their ballads of Latin sorrow
how you felt the need to kick up dirt
and dance in the streets
and when the poor Mexican boys
plucked their chords of love
how you danced for them and came alive
yours being the body of sonatas and madrigals
and when they sang their ballads of Christ
and of how he was strung up on his cross
dying and weeping under a crown of thorns
how I imagined you danced and wept in the summer rain
yours being a heart forever in tune with heavenly choirs

– A. Ramirez

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In Love

I was asleep;
there were stars
and the space
which lay between them,
dark and cold;
and to say
that you woke me
while I slept
bothering me out
of old habits
and dreams
is not to say much;
only that I learned to love you,
and that the nights became
less dead and I took on a new life;
and a new face with new expressions
to correspond with our love

– A. Ramirez

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