Look at me!
I’m a little crab
with a hard shell
and a moody center;
now watch as my little
crab-like feet
carrying me down the beach;
I’m running away;
I’m escaping
I’m getting away
from all my fears
and responsibilities

look at me!
I’m an emotional little crab
washed up on shore
playing in the sand
so happy in my crab-like soul

now watch as I run away from
the world and away from you
and away from all the pain
of being human

– A. Ramirez

The astrology of my soul hates everyone.


how to be a good poet

I recommend at least three beers before noon
to keep you brave
and masturbate habitually
so as to keep the sex drive from becoming a distraction
you don’t want to spread your energies too thin
read Plato’s Republic
and Spinoza’s Ethics
gorge yourself on a diet of music
cultivate something resembling a soul
go to the beach
or to the mountains
go some place
any place
where man has yet to desecrate
and observe how the animals get through life
unconcerned by concepts such as equality, justice,
fairness, guilt, shame
then go spend some time
in a thick pack of people
smell them
study them
take them in
watch how wonderful they are
and how sad they are
how lonely
and lost
like apes not quite fully formed

forget about writing
focus on other things
kill your gods
reject your politicians
deny your masters
refuse all laws

when the words come
they will have power
and they will
be more than words

– A. Ramirez

How to be a Good Poet from my book of poetry “MAN IS THE BASTARD”.
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In the Midnight Hour

Sometimes I’ll
read a poem
or hear a song
and it’ll be
so god damn
that it’ll make me wish
that I had written it
and that’s how
I feel about you –
you’re all the beautiful words
that I was never talented enough to write

– A. Ramirez

The Poet and His Muse

I wrote ten
poems for you
the other day
and the night before
that I wrote five more

there is a stack
of words
this high
on my desk

and a handful more
lying under my bed

I’ve hung some in the closet
and others I’ve put in the fridge
to keep fresh and from spoiling

and the ones
that I couldn’t get down
I simply let them
run wild in the yard
and I’ll deal with them later
when I have time
and I can think of you
without compromise

– A. Ramirez

That Bastard Love

How am I to explain myself?

I was malnourished as a child
not enough love
and when love came
it came too late

it came like a fisherman’s hook
to rip open my mouth

it came like a torpedo
and blew out my gut

I sank to the bottom of the sea
staggered like a drunken urchin

I wrestled with the idea
and grew hungry on the idea

I cursed its absence
for all those years
when it was lacking
and then
when it came
in such abundance
I beat back
its misunderstood touch

and now l know that love
can make a man great

like subsistence
nurturing and
raising a child up

or if it comes too late
it can be pure torture

it can drive the heart insane
and drown the body at sea

it can ruin a man forever

– A. Ramirez
That Bastard Love, from my book of poetry Man is the Bastard
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