Father’s Day

A man
without a family
is by no accounts
a father
just as I am
my daughter
and likewise
not a man

– A. Ramirez

There’s a point in your life when you finally begin to understand what love is – that it’s selfless and boundless. And that nothing compares to the pain of being away from your child. Some things poetry just doesn’t have enough words for.


The flower is maddening;
in its color
and in the mysterious ways
in which it evokes feelings and
thoughts of beauty;

and you are no less maddening
in your stubbornness
and in the words which you choose to speak
and in the words you choose not to speak;

in one I find my love and in the other
I find the source of all my madness
– A. Ramirez

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man is the bastard

The skin buckles

and something violent

takes the place where

thoughts should be

and this body is made of mud

or so they say

just as flowers are

made of color and light

and what is man but

a soul caught in time?

with you, me, and the antichrist

all waiting for resolution

– Alex Ramirez

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how to be a good poet

I recommend at least three beers before noon
to keep you brave
and masturbate habitually
so as to keep the sex drive from becoming a distraction
you don’t want to spread your energies too thin
read Plato’s Republic
and Spinoza’s Ethics
gorge yourself on a diet of music
cultivate something resembling a soul
go to the beach
or to the mountains
go some place
any place
where man has yet to desecrate
and observe how the animals get through life
unconcerned by concepts such as equality, justice,
fairness, guilt, shame
then go spend some time
in a thick pack of people
smell them
study them
take them in
watch how wonderful they are
and how sad they are
how lonely
and lost
like apes not quite fully formed

forget about writing
focus on other things
kill your gods
reject your politicians
deny your masters
refuse all laws

when the words come
they will have power
and they will
be more than words

– A. Ramirez

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I Don’t Know How to Give You Up

A broken heart would have been easier
but now I carry you around wherever I go
I write you love letters that I never send
I call your name out in my sleep
I get caught off guard by the memory of you –
it attacks me in broad daylight
then escapes when I attempt to right myself

the other day I saw a dead cat in the street
and I thought,
“you had it easy, old pal”

for me the horror show goes on

the lights flash
and the thunder roars
and the sound and the fury
push through
and I find myself
searching for our love in the details of an old painting
or in the rhythm of an old poem

I find myself searching for our love
in flowers that never bloom
or in a picture of you and me
standing on a beach
on a happy
summer day

– Alex Ramirez

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