death 4.jpg




They are hungry again
but who will feed them?

the rich offer up
only scrapes for ideas –

“Take pride in your work”
“Be proud of your country”

what a perverted sort
of poverty
seems to sustain –

a steady diet of nothing

– A. Ramirez

We all choke and get fat on pride while they feed us lies and get fat of our labor. You tell me what you need to survive – pride, an idea, or real compensation for your work.

Rude Dog

Nothing exciting
ever happens
while you’re busy
being polite
the appropriate thing
sitting in your room
thinking them
appropriate thoughts

the good boring soul
living the good boring life
gonna get yourself
a good boring death

– A. Ramirez

They say there is something wrong with me but I’m just trying to make the most out of this fucked up life.