how to be a good poet

I recommend at least three beers before noon
to keep you brave
and masturbate habitually
so as to keep the sex drive from becoming a distraction
you don’t want to spread your energies too thin
read Plato’s Republic
and Spinoza’s Ethics
gorge yourself on a diet of music
cultivate something resembling a soul
go to the beach
or to the mountains
go some place
any place
where man has yet to desecrate
and observe how the animals get through life
unconcerned by concepts such as equality, justice,
fairness, guilt, shame
then go spend some time
in a thick pack of people
smell them
study them
take them in
watch how wonderful they are
and how sad they are
how lonely
and lost
like apes not quite fully formed

forget about writing
focus on other things
kill your gods
reject your politicians
deny your masters
refuse all laws

when the words come
they will have power
and they will
be more than words

– A. Ramirez

How to be a Good Poet from my book of poetry “MAN IS THE BASTARD”.
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Where are all the indie writers?

I need to find a good community for writers.
Facebook is a failure; as a writer I would probably have better luck on Myspace. And Twitter is basically just people advertising their books, post after post. There’s an absence of interaction on there. And Instagram…well Instagram puzzles me. The marketing potential for Instagram seems more suited for selling yourself as a product. Which isn’t a bad marketing tool.
But I’m looking for a real community of writers. People sharing ideas and interacting, supporting one another.
Indie writers, where are you???
If anyone belongs to a good forum for writers don’t be shy. Share and I promise to be grateful and return the favor if i can.