In Season And Out

In spring I shall
find you in bloom
and in the autumn
months I will wait for you

be a lily, I say!

be a rose
or the crown of a sunflower
be the head of a marigold
be fair and sweet, I say
and I shall love you

come to me
golden breasts
swelling like the tides

be a teasing beauty to exhaust me
be a body dressed in coral to remind me
of the hostile waters in which
I first came upon you in

come to me as a rose, I say
come to me,
in season and out,
the kissable body of summer
and the sleeping hearth of winter

come to me, I say
as a sunflower –
as a rose! –
and I shall love you forever

– A. Ramirez

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Trust No One

I have seen enough, heard enough
come far enough to know what shape
my lies will take, to know what truths
their tongues will tell later

the racket of fear
and a bound up heart

and here I will say
that the tree is always a tree
and I will trust it as much
to always act as a tree
and never again shall I be deceived

– A. Ramirez

I have major trust issues.