A Less Demanding Heart

I think I could learn
to enjoy your love
but only if it were
less demanding
and only if
I were
to spend
long periods
of the day

– A. Ramirez


In the Midnight Hour

Sometimes I’ll
read a poem
or hear a song
and it’ll be
so god damn
that it’ll make me wish
that I had written it
and that’s how
I feel about you –
you’re all the beautiful words
that I was never talented enough to write

– A. Ramirez

Infected (With Love)

The maggots
are at the heart
eating away
laying their larvae
where the rot makes
for a warm bed

and now
there are worms
in the blood
and the gut has been
turned out

when this happens
the skin
has a funny way
of turning
porous and
falling off

the total
effect is one
of disintegration
under the weight
of disease

my eyes are bleeding
I think I need to go
to the hospital

– A. Ramirez