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Punch Yourself In The Face by A. Ramirez



I Got Your Punk Right Here

So me and this young woman were talking about music earlier in the day and I asked her why she had no love for the punk. She explained to me that she liked punk, she just didn’t know too many punk bands. So she asked for suggestions – what were my top ten punk bands. What an impossible question!

But here you goes, in no particular order:

1. Pennywise. I grew up listening to this band. They literally are the soundtrack to my youth. I will forever love these guys.

2. Bad Religion. Another staple of my troubled youth. Try and find a more perfect punk album than Suffer and No Control. These guys were gods in the 90’s. Pure genius.

3. The Casualties. Up the punx!!! Oi!!!

4. Black Flag. I had heard some punk bands before these guys (7 Seconds and GBH I think). But once I heard Black Flag it was over. There was no turning back. You can have your Ramones and the Clash and your Sex Pistols. Punk rock starts and stops with these guys.

5. The Misfits. Songs about vampires and werewolves and death and Glenn’s voice. I mean, come on – Danzig’s voice! Evil Elvis. The Misfits are in my top 3 bands of all time. Their songs sound just as great now as they did when I first heard them.

6. Social Distortion. If you don’t get it then I can’t give it to you. It’s a southern California type of thing.

7. Guttermouth. Punk rock at its best; loud and offensive and stupid.

8. NOFX. Again, punk rock at its best, loud and offensive and smart.

9. The Dead Kennedys. This band is what makes punk so great. Their songs are all so weird and smart and sick. Jello was a fucking genius.

10. Minor Threat/the Descendents/Ill Repute. Okay, I cheated. But fuck it. There are too many great punk bands and I can’t leave Minor Threat and the Descendents off of the list. And Ill Repute is the greatest Nardcore band of all time.


So there it is. It’s not perfect. But fuck it, right? The great thing is you don’t have to limit yourself to just ten bands.

I’m going to turn the music up and have a drink or two and write.