At night I think of these things –
dark alleyways and
crows in summer fields;
a broken taillight
that follows me everywhere I go;
a body of indifference
that bends shadows behind me;
lies and indiscretions that make
criminals of otherwise good souls;
and in the deepest oceans there
are fish that have never seen the sun
and there are tides that chase after the moon
and even Jesus Christ
was betrayed and lied to
so why should I
or you
or anyone else
feel special when the love doesn’t hold
and the strange calm of defeat sets in

– A. Ramirez


The Girls of Summer

Look, the gun is unforgiving
and there are no “do overs”
sad feelings come and they wipe people out
they devastate both the body and the mind
they wipe whole cultures off the face of the earth
but rubber bands are fun
and fornication is a silly word
sir, yes sir, insinuates something decadent
but words are just words
and I hope
if nothing else
that you’re going
to be okay

– A. Ramirez