If I had a fish
for a daughter
I would hope that her fins
were swift and true
and I would remind her,

“Swim to your hearts content
but avoid the fisherman’s hook
and the jaws of those unkindly bites”

– A. Ramirez

It breaks my heart to see so many young women struggling with life. I wonder where their fathers are. Why must men act so selfishly and be so cruel? Be good to our women. Be good to each other.



Dear spider in the house
please find your way outside
and if you could avoid
that thing you do with your teeth
or crawling over my sleeping face
that also would be appreciated;

things are getting better you see
so please don’t make a killer out of me
I’ve murdered enough good things in my life

I’m looking forward to returning to goodness
and your six legs and spidery webs
keep catching me up and
bringing the worst out of me

– A. Ramirez

I love writing poems that have nothing to do with love or heartbreak. Poems that deal with everyday things. Take the mundane and make them poetic.


Look at me!
I’m a little crab
with a hard shell
and a moody center;
now watch as my little
crab-like feet
carrying me down the beach;
I’m running away;
I’m escaping
I’m getting away
from all my fears
and responsibilities

look at me!
I’m an emotional little crab
washed up on shore
playing in the sand
so happy in my crab-like soul

now watch as I run away from
the world and away from you
and away from all the pain
of being human

– A. Ramirez

The astrology of my soul hates everyone.


The flower is maddening;
in its color
and in the mysterious ways
in which it evokes feelings and
thoughts of beauty;

and you are no less maddening
in your stubbornness
and in the words which you choose to speak
and in the words you choose not to speak;

in one I find my love and in the other
I find the source of all my madness
– A. Ramirez

In Love

I was asleep;
there were stars
and the space
which lay between them,
dark and cold;
and to say
that you woke me
while I slept
bothering me out
of old habits
and dreams
is not to say much;
only that I learned to love you,
and that the nights became
less dead and I took on a new life;
and a new face with new expressions
to correspond with our love

– A. Ramirez

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