Women, women
like tigers
like crows
like rain water in the street gutters

the dull temptations
of your ridiculous hearts
has made me clumsy
with love and affection

women, women
you are the blue veins
of white flesh
practicing words
which burn like gasoline
in my head

women, women
with your eyes
of impossible tenderness
you have brought me here to my knees
and with teeth you devour me

women, women,
for you I bleed
and find good humor
in these sufferings

– A. Ramirez

Poems of Love and Perversion.


Some Women are Smarter than Others

Your poems are too short, she said
and have you ever read Kurt Vonnegut?
you will need to familiarize yourself with the school
of New Journalism
Faulkner was a great writer
read Hemingway
go to Paris
or New York
try to travel
get out of California
California is shallow and vacuous
punk is dead
so you might as well give it up
there’s a new sound
and a new band
and this other band that you have to hear
have you ever read Henry Miller?
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas bores me
Tropic of Cancer is a better book
don’t drink so much
why must you drink so much?
all the great writers killed themselves
with the drink
work on writing longer stanzas
work on your meter
go back to school
learn from others
learn to paint
or to play an instrument
everyone can teach you something
stop being so stubborn
you have talent but you’ll never go anywhere
not with that attitude

“Okay”, I said

and then as I left
I reminded her,

“It wasn’t the drink that killed Hemingway
it was the shotgun.”

– A. Ramirez

Some Women Are Smarter Than Others, taken from my book of poetry “Man is the Bastard” which you can purchase on Amazon.

The Two (Three) Women

Yesterday the young
woman’s tits
were firm and
held without a bra

and I set my eyes
as the sun set
its light, for her

though she hardly
seemed to notice

the gesture of the two women now
who moved along the sidewalk
both figures
working at retaining
a fading youth

under fabrics stretching
lines swelling

and I am reminded
of the fullness
of their tits –
amorous in their proportions

and of both
I gave my adoration

then walked home